Understanding kitchen finishes: Gloss kitchen door options explained (Part 1)

Part Two

Even if a gloss or matt kitchen was an easy decision, the next step of choosing your kitchen door finish can sometimes be confusing, especially understanding the varying manufacture process and resulting properties of different doors.  Following the launch of our new laser kitchen door, the LWK Kitchens team thought it would prove useful to clarify some of the varying properties of different kitchen finishes, whether foil-wrapped, laminate, laser, glass, lacquer or acrylic.  Here I will clarify some of these different finish properties within gloss kitchen finishes:-

Foil kitchen doors/ Vinyl wrapped kitchen finishes

‘Vinyl wrap’ and ‘foil wrap’ kitchen doors refer to the same type of finish, yet these terms sometimes make people recoil as they have a preconceived notion of them being a cheap and low quality material.  Many manufacturers (quite rightly) object to this.

High gloss foil kitchen door

Kitchen finish options:  A high gloss foil kitchen door

An example of this is our German Kitchen foils, where a strong and high quality composite wood substrate is first pre-machined and profiled.  Following this a semi-molten foil is vacuum-formed and sealed over the substrate.  This prevents delamination, which occurs when the foil comes away from the substrate.  This is a common problem for lower grade kitchen doors and one of the main reasons for foil kitchen doors acquiring a bad reputation.

The end result of our foil manufacture process is a high quality kitchen finish with a glossy opaque surface reflection, which is easy to care for.  Gloss PVC doors are available in a variety of colours, although not usually darker tones as these can show up any surface imperfections, not apparent within pale tones.

Laminate kitchen finishes

Gloss laminate kitchen finish

Gloss laminate kitchen finishes such as this Cashmere gloss kitchen, can be hard to tell apart from more expensive finish options.

As with foil doors the quality of laminate kitchen doors can vary significantly between manufacturers.  But certainly at LWK Kitchens our laminate manufacture process is honed to the extent that attractive laminate doors can be hard to tell apart from higher quality kitchen finishes.

Our laminate and edges are bonded with a PUR-hotmelt adhesive.  This heat-pressed adhesive prevents delamination and ensures the highest possible water and temperature resistance for the surface of the door, making maintenance and usability easier, as well as increasing durability and longevity.  This adhesive also improves kitchen hygiene as bacteria cannot penetrate the surface of the door.

Yet the choice doesn’t end there…laminate kitchen edges vary too!

In the gloss laminate range alone there are a number of different kitchen finish and edging options, with door prices also varying depending on your choices.

kitchen door finishes

There are many door edging options you can choose from, such as this laminate kitchen door with glass effect edges.

For example, where the back of the door is usually pre-laminated as standard, some doors allow for all sides, including the back, to be finished in your choice of laminate colour. Similarly if square door edges are not for you then you might opt for a gloss laminate finish with softly rounded edges, or else a laminate including all sides laminate with glass or stainless steel edge effect.  Finally a gloss laminate with HPL (high pressure laminate) surface edging is also a possibility.  This laminate is strong, durable and has a distinctive black core which is apparent within the door edges, creating a unique and decorative design feature, ideal for a modern statement kitchen.

The types of kitchen door finishes and edge options as described above are all finished to an extremely high quality but fall within the lower price price group ranges for kitchens. This is generally because these doors are mass-produced, making manufacture less expensive, a cost-saving which is normally passed on to the consumer. For information on more bespoke and exclusive kitchen finishes including Acrylic, Lacquer and Glass kitchens doors please be sure and access:

 ‘Choosing kitchen finishes: Gloss kitchen finish options  (Part 2)’


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