White kitchen worktop options

What worktops go with a white kitchen?

White is predominately the most popular kitchen cabinet colour, whether in a gloss or matt kitchen finish, and needs a worktop to compliment. Your worktop should be suitable for all intended kitchen uses, but it must also appeal aesthetically.  So in respect of colour and style, how do you know what worktops would go with a white kitchen…?

…Well the good news is that virtually any worktop colour and material will go with  a white kitchen. The resulting plethora of workable options means you can focus on choosing a worktop colour and style that contributes to the overall look you want for your kitchen.  This is important as the worktop, along with flooring and décor, can heavily influence your kitchen’s finished appearance.    You can think of this in the same way as a lady choosing accessories to wear with a plain white dress. Her handbag, shoes and jewellery don’t need to be an exact match, but should complement both the dress and each other…they just need to ‘go.’   At the same time the chosen accessories can alter the overall look of the outfit, transforming it from plain into one of casual, chic, cool, funky, or classic and elegant etc.  The same principle applies to kitchens as your chosen kitchen accessories will affect the overall look. With this in mind, here are some white kitchen worktop suggestions for creating different looks, whether modern, traditional, classic etc.

 White kitchen worktops for an all-white kitchen look

Kitchen worktop patterns

Worktop patterns, flecks, veins or sparkles can become a feature within otherwise all-white kitchens, such as this Venecia Quartz worktop.

White worktops with white kitchen cabinets is a decidedly popular selection.  One of the main benefits of this arrangement is that all floor materials and colours are likely to match, whether light or dark.  This is particularly advantageous if you don’t wish to change your existing flooring.

The all-white kitchen look inclusive of white kitchen worktops tends to appear sleek, clean and modern.  White worktops such as the Absolute Blanc quartz, or Glacier White Corian enhance this and appeal for their pristine fresh and faultless look.  White with white allows much room for play if you want to create a prominent kitchen feature, such as a vibrant and attention-grabbing splashback.    Alternatively there is plenty of room for customisation within a white worktop itself; indeed, a wood grain effect, patterns, veins, or subtle flecks of sparkle or colour within the worktop surface can introduce an additional splendour, whilst letting you put your own stamp on the look!

  • Polar white kitchen worktop and breakfast bar for an all-white kitchen
  • Alaska Compac Quartz worktop for a Polar white ultra matt kitchen
  • White kitchen worktop breakfast bar feature
  • All-white curved kitchen with curved worktop
  • Kitchen island white Corian worktop
  • High gloss white kitchen worktop
  • Absolute Blanc Quartz kitchen worktop
  • White satin lacquer kitchen with Absolute Blanc worktop
  • All white kitchen worktops
  • Matt white handleless kitchen with Glacier White Corian 79mm worktop
  • White kitchen worktop options
  • White kitchen quartz worktop


 White kitchen worktops for a warm kitchen feel

Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional in style, if ‘warm and inviting’ is the ambience you wish to achieve then grained wood worktops and/or natural colour tones will contribute to this, bringing warmth and character to your kitchen. This is especially effective in combination with warm-toned white cabinetry.  Alternatively, a neutral worktop finish will soften the look of a sharper white kitchen cabinet tone if you have concerns of it appearing a little ‘too clean’ or stark!

If wood worktops are not your preferred choice but you want the same ‘warming’ effect then choose soft and agreeable colours but in different materials such as a Silestone ‘Toffee’, Colonial Cream Granite, or else a warm Buttermilk quartz worktop.  Textured surfaces can also be interesting;  Again, whether modern or traditional in style, the sophisticated and opulent surface patterns and swirls that occur naturally within granite or marble work beautifully with white cabinets.  Incorporating warm floor tones also reinforces this tone.

  • Polar white matt kitchen with pale wood worktop
  • White kitchen with Unsui Quartz worktop
  • White Shaker kitchen Granite worktop
  • Quartz textured kitchen worktop surface
  • Quartz textured kitchen worktop surface
  • White kitchen worktop options
  • High gloss white kitchen with dark wood laminate worktop
  • White kitchen worktop in Richlite
  • Polar white matt kitchen with wood worktop
  • White laminate kitchen with medium tone worktops
  • White kitchen worktop on kitchen island


Bold but elegant worktop options for white kitchens

Still warm in appearance, but with a bigger impact on the overall white kitchen’s look than neutral tones, are bold worktop colours including various shades of blue, grey and purple.  Bolder hues will stand out against white cabinets so can be very striking, if not dramatic!  Grey tones including the grey granite or Smoke Grey quartz above white gloss units are ideal for a modern and effortlessly stylish kitchen look. Alternatively Blue silestone or Universo Blue Quartz both have a calming presence, yet simultaneously offer solidity to a white kitchen by grounding the cabinetry.

As bold worktop colours visibly stand out against white cabinets, many homeowners opt to make a deliberate statement of them.  For example, different thicknesses such as worktops between 50-70mm  (rather than the usual 30-40mm) have become popular, as have ultra slim-line worktops, with worktops as slim as 8mm or 12mm available in either porcelain or stainless steel.  Worktop colours and patterns, inset cracked glass or a floating kitchen island worktop effect are also impressive quaities within current kitchen design trends.

  • Blu Stelline Quartz worktop for a handleless white kitchen
  • Kitchen worktop feature ideas
  • White country kitchen with elegant dark worktop
  • Blue worktop for white kitchen
  • White gloss kitchen with wood laminate worktop
  • White kitchen worktop and breakfast bar
  • Plomo Quartz worktop for white high gloss kitchen
  • Thick kitchen worktop
  • White kitchen worktop ideas


 White kitchen worktops for a contemporary kitchen look

Contemporary kitchens tend to appear both elegant and sophisticated.  There are many different possibilities for a contemporary kitchen look but generally they are clean, sleek and uncluttered, frequently incorporating the handleless kitchen style.  The all-white kitchen with white kitchen worktops (as already discoursed) is popular within this kitchen style but a worktop that contrasts the white toned units can be equally impressive. This would usually include only one additional colour from white, frequently in a solid block of colour and devoid of any pattern. This approach reinforces a minimal, fresh and simple kitchen appearance.  Modern materials such as grey granite or stainless steel worktops are frequently chosen, harmonising with stainless steel appliances, plinth and other such fixtures.

For a cool but classic kitchen look you might choose a timeless black and white combination, perhaps a dark floor tone with gloss or matt white units, and a rich, solid black worktop. Sharp lines in conjunction with sophisticated lighting effects will create a chic kitchen presence, and the resulting contrast is both eye-catching and sophisticated.

  • Contemporary white gloss curved kitchen
  • White high gloss kitchen with grey Silestone Unsui Quartz worktop
  • Classic black and white kitchen design
  • Curved kitchen worktop for white kitchen
  • High gloss lacquer white kitchen with black worktop
  • Curved white kitchen worktop and breakfast bar
  • Handleless white gloss kitchen design with Azabache Quartz worktop
  • Hi gloss handleless white kitchen
  • White gloss glass kitchen with stainless steel worktop
  • Grey and white gloss kitchen design
  • Curved gloss lacquer white kitchen with stainless steel curved worktop
  • Contemporary kitchen with Brilliant white gloss design glass
  • Curved white lacquer kitchen with curved worktop and breakfast bar


Don’t forget…

As earlier stated nearly all worktop colour tones and styles will work with white kitchen cabinets so there is much to choose from when effecting your preferred kitchen look.  But whilst this post has focused on white kitchen worktop colour combinations it is essential you also research the different properties of worktop materials; this will ensure a durable worktop that will not only look good but meet all of your needs and positively withstand the test of time.


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