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  • Curved kitchen island design

    Curved kitchen island design

  • Shaker kitchen design with Island

    Shaker kitchen design with Island

  • Two-tone kitchen design with wood and black satin lacquer

    Two-tone kitchen design with wood and black satin lacquer

  • Handleless two-tone kitchen render

    Handleless two-tone kitchen render

  • Two-tone kitchen design render

    Two-tone kitchen design render

Kitchen Planning and Design Aesthetics

The key to any successful new kitchen is achieving a kitchen design that presents an optimum solution in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and price. It is straightforward to design a kitchen that meets one or two of these requirements, but it is an art to balance all of these factors, and produce a stunning kitchen design that works for each individual.

Whether you meet us with a firm idea of what you want, or else are starting a kitchen design from scratch, we will work with you to interpret your tastes and translate them into concepts, materials and finishes. This includes matching, complimenting or contrasting shades, textures and finishes, before drawing them together to achieve a style that is uniquely yours. When we meet, we want to understand your 'sense of space.’ Whether you desire a minimalistic, ultra-modern kitchen design featuring strong geometric shapes, or else a refined contemporary design with softer tones and curves, we can transform your ideas into a reality.

Kitchen Ergonomics & Functionality

How you like to use your kitchen will influence the layout and specification of the kitchen design we produce for you. We will consider who will use your kitchen and how they will use it. For example, many of our clients are keen cooks, so need space for a range of kitchen gadgets, pots and pans. For these clients we may specify magic corner units and pan drawers, allowing ease of access to such items. Others clients have larger families, wherein a pull-out larder unit is ideal for stocking the provisions necessary for feeding lots of people. Taking the time to understand your specific requirements allows us to design a kitchen which not only exudes style, but also fully enhances functionality.

  • CGI Peninsula kitchen render
  • CGI Peninsula kitchen render
  • CGI Peninsula kitchen render
  • Finished peninsula kitchen
  • Finished peninsula kitchen
  • Finished peninsula kitchen

Kitchen Design Experts

All of our kitchen designers are experts in what they do, and produce hundreds of stunning kitchen designs every month. At LWK Kitchens we only recruit graduates, and insist on a qualification in a design discipline such as Interior Design. In fact, many of our kitchen designers have graduated from some of the world’s most prestigious design schools. Following this, all of our designers undergo a meticulous two year training programme to attain the skillset necessary for designing our clients’ kitchens. This proficiency is further enhanced by the bespoke, high-end computer work stations we have had built for each of them. In addition, we have invested in video conferencing software that allows clients to review and discuss plans with their designer in real time, from the comfort of their home or offices.

Kitchen Design Prices

The way we design and specify your kitchen can have a tremendous impact on the price. Kitchens that look very similar can vary greatly in cost. For example, high gloss laminates are much less expensive than lacquered doors. Similarly, pull-out larders cost more than standard opening cupboards. When designing your kitchen we will work with you to identify your "value drivers"- those elements of your kitchen where you place the greatest value. As such, you can be sure that your budget is predisposed towards the elements that matter most to you, delivered within a kitchen design that meets both your expectations, and your budget.

Kitchen Plan Layout
Kitchen Plan Layout

Free Kitchen Design Service- how does it work?

1. A design consultation

To get the best from your initial meeting we recommend visiting one of our London showrooms with floor plans or room dimensions. Here we can discuss your personal requirements and preferences in detail, as well as the general purpose for the intended space. The most important aspect is the kitchen layout. If the layout isn’t right then no matter your choice of finish, colour, or style, your kitchen simply will not work for you. During this meeting we cover details such as appliance types, to establish the right models for you, be it a gas versus induction hob, or integrated versus freestanding fridge. By the end of this initial consultation we will likely have firmed up some workable options for your kitchen layout.

2. Kitchen design and review

Based on your specification we will produce 3-D designs of your kitchen including detailed floor plans. We will share these with you for initial review and welcome all feedback, thoughts and ideas in relation to your design. This is key, as our main objective is to create a kitchen that works for you.

3. Fully developed and priced kitchen proposal

Following your feedback and kitchen design review, we will then produce a detailed proposal inclusive of all pricing for furniture, appliances, worktop, installation and splashback.

4. Showroom re-visit

We recommend a second visit to the showroom to run through your detailed proposal and reacquaint you with the materials already chosen, or else to explore other samples, appliances, storage and lighting options. Following this meeting you are welcome to take away some door and worktop samples to try out in your intended kitchen space. This is useful for getting a feel for the colour and finish, helping you establish whether it’s right for the space and for you.

  • Kitchen feature lighting options white
  • Kitchen feature lighting options purple
  • Kitchen feature lighting options red
  • Kitchen feature lighting options yellow

5. Commission LWK Kitchens to undertake your project...

We would love to be the ones to undertake your kitchen project. From the initial design though to your newly finished kitchen, LWK Kitchens have the proficiency and know-how for achieving a stunning, functional kitchen, which is truly unique to you.

Kitchen design virtual walk-through