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Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Layouts

LWK Kitchens have created kitchens for a vast range of spaces and environments, from large country properties to basement flat compact kitchens where ingenious use of space is paramount to achieving a high quality, practical kitchen. No matter the size or shape of space, all homeowners desire a kitchen with efficient usability on an equal par with its aesthetic appeal. Even more so, a multi-functional kitchen is the ideal for modern busy lifestyles where the kitchen is the heart of the home and most frequented room of the house; a kitchen that will accommodate more than cooking needs but also offer somewhere to eat, gather, socialise, or in which to work or assist with homework.

Working Kitchen Zones

To this end, the traditional working kitchen triangle method of effecting a kitchen plan has become very dated. Instead, a focus on defining specific areas within a kitchen at which to carry out different activities undoubtedly makes for the best layouts. These separate areas are referred to as working kitchen zones and typically include separate areas for storing food, preparing food, cooking food, eating food (often areas for socialising) and for washing up afterwards. Kitchen zoning marries ergonomic functionality with exquisite aesthetic appeal; it makes better use of the available space, yet ensures an efficient and accessible working dynamic from one area to the next.

Island kitchens:

After perusing our catalogues and photographs of the recent kitchens we have installed, you may notice that many feature kitchen islands. Island kitchen designs are multi-purpose, and subject to requirement, can provide cooking space, storage space, additional work surface and seating, as well as housing for appliances.

Our experience has taught us not only how to produce beautiful, practical Island kitchen designs but just as importantly, we have long since worked out how to overcome the challenges particular to Island kitchens. Don't want to see a bulky extractor above your island hob? Well, we know how to overcome this and offer a range of solutions for doing so…From down-draft extractors, Elica design hoods or Atag ceiling flush extractors, we have supplied and fitted them all. Have you also thought about how and where to position electrical sockets and isolator switches in your island? Or have you considered varying the heights of your units so you can stand whilst cooking, but afterwards sit and eat in the same space? Our experience with the nuances of kitchen island designs enables us to assist you in the right direction for getting the most out of your Island kitchen.

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Island Kitchen layout
Island Kitchens

Galley Kitchens:

When LWK Kitchens are designing Galley kitchens we are normally working in a rectangular room, often with limited space. There is a balancing act in trying to fit all of the appliances and storage space, required, as well as ensuring a useful amount of work surface space, but without creating a 'corridor feeling'. This is achievable using integrated combination appliances, such as a combination microwave/conventional oven. You could possibly site this above a compact dishwasher within midi-height housing, and in so doing maximise the space advantage a unit can offer you. This type of creative thinking is critical to achieving a balanced design for galley kitchen spaces. Alongside this, two opposing runs of units at only a short distance apart increase workflow by reducing the distance required for travel between separate work zones. In turn this creates the safest possible kitchen layout when more than one person is working within the kitchen.

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Galley Kitchen layout
Galley Kitchens

L-Shaped Kitchens:

It is possible to create stunning, functional spaces with L shaped kitchens. Depending on the length of the room we are working within, we sometimes try to blend contrasting colours between base units, and wall and tall units, for a distinguished sense of drama! As L-shaped kitchens do not have a third wall, the traditional "working triangle" many kitchen designers advocate simply isn't possible. However, organising a methodical workflow from food storage, through the sink, to the cooking and then serving area ensures that this does not impede on the clients enjoyment of their new kitchen as a place to cook in.

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L-shaped Kitchen Layout
L-Shaped Kitchens

U-Shaped Kitchens:

We often begin U-shaped kitchen designs by selecting a centre-piece, maybe an extra wide induction hob or oversized extractor, and then place this item precisely at the mid-point along the main run of the kitchen. From here we can design outwards, often employing symmetry and wide drawer units to increase the visual perception of width. As always, we are aiming to ensure that the kitchen design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. U-shaped kitchens allow us the opportunity to "hide" sinks and draining board areas behind taller units, which is particularly helpful if your kitchen has a seating area or is open plan. The U-shaped kitchen offers generous worksurface area for preparing meals, but the two corners in a typical U-shaped kitchen compromise a significant amount of the available floor space. It is therefore paramount for an ergonomically sound design to ensure diligent selection of storage solutions and also that door widths on corner units allow easy access. The U-shape kitchen layout allows easy movement between different working kitchen zones, and two or more cooks can comfortably and safely use the kitchen simultaneously.

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U-shaped kitchen layout
U-Shaped Kitchens

G-Shaped Kitchens:

This style is similar to the U shaped kitchen layout, but an additional forth wall converts the shape, often to introduce a tasteful kitchen peninsula. Whether intended for extra storage space, a place for cooking at, additional seating, workspace, or a combination of these uses, peninsulas can make an extremely beneficial kitchen feature. The G-shaped layout also enables flexibility in planning the location of your furniture, appliances and worksurfaces, although with only one kitchen entrance we ensure carefully sited cupboards, fridges and dishwashers to avoid any hazardous obstruction on opening. We can design a functional and aesthetically sound G-shaped kitchen that allows easy access and movement between kitchen zones, perfectly accommodating your everyday cooking and lifestyle needs.

G-shaped kitchen layout
G-Shaped Kitchens