Designer Kitchens

LWK Kitchens strive for excellence in the products and services we offer our customers. This means we can offer you:

  • Reflect the latest industry trends and innovations
  • Chic, distinguished and luxurious in appearance
  • Afford comfort, efficiency and ease of use in combination with style
  • Created by expert and highly innovative designers

What is a Designer kitchen and why choose one?

Designer kitchens are synonymous with luxury, quality and style, making a chic impact on your home. An emphasis on their look means such kitchens are heavily design-led and so tend to reflect cutting edge trends, ideas, inspirations and influences. But teamed with their luxurious look is the superiority of the materials used in their creation. Designer kitchens are skilfully engineered from concept into reality through the expert knowledge and precision of kitchen designers, in conjunction with the quality of materials at their disposal. This includes the latest innovations and technologies, of high end furniture and appliances. In a designer kitchen these elements combine aesthetic appeal with advanced functionality, maximising the homeowner’s comfort, pleasure and efficiency of use.

Designer kitchen trends
Designer kitchen trends

Achieve your Designer Kitchen

High end products can be easily wasted without the skilled ‘know-how’ to pull them together into a successfully harmonised kitchen look. To this end our inhouse professional kitchen design team are more than qualified to effect the designer kitchen look and layout you want for your home. It is the kitchen designer with an eye for detail who can create the preferred designer kitchen look, but an even better one who can combine this look with a functional and efficient kitchen layout, and also within a specified budget. Alternatively many consumers work with an Interior designer to achieve the same effect, and particularly when refurbishing other areas of the home at the same time as the kitchen. At LWK Kitchens we will gladly work with any Interior designers, helping as much or as little as required in accomplishing your designer kitchen.

Designer kitchen inspiration
Designer kitchen inspiration

See our Beautiful Designer Kitchens

With the assuarance that all our kitchen installations represent high quality looks, style and manufacture, we welcome you to visit either of our Designer kitchen showrooms and view our chic kitchen concepts first hand. In this way so you can see, touch and realise the beauty of our products for yourself, fully appreciating what sets a Designer kitchen apart from the rest.