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  • Experts in installing beautiful seamless fitted kitchens
  • Extensive range of fully fitted kitchen furniture and appliances
Seamless fully fitted kitchens
Seamless fully fitted kitchens

What is a Fitted Kitchen?

A Fitted kitchen is a kitchen containing fitted cabinets, cupboards, shelves and appliances that are fixed in particular sites of the kitchen with an exact and seamless fit. All of the kitchen units are mechanically attached to each other, as well as to the walls, producing a leveled and secure finish. Any unaligned kitchen cabinets would instantly spoil the visual impact of the kitchen look as well as impair use, so it is vital that a fitted kitchen achieves balance and security. This brings the kitchen together for a unified and continuous kitchen look, along with comfortable and easy kitchen use.

It takes a skilled designer to exact this precision but even more so to produce a faultless fitted kitchen with an efficient space-maximising layout that accommodates any awkward spaces, and meets all of the owner’s personal needs.

Seamless fully fitted kitchens
Seamless fully fitted kitchens

Custom Fitted kitchens

An experienced and proficient kitchen designer knows that kitchens aren’t one size fits all, but equally important is that people aren’t either and have varying personal wants and needs. Use of space is fundamental within any kitchen design but no matter the shape or size of a room, a fitted kitchen must be designed according to the tastes, habits and needs of the individual or family that uses it. It may be that a family requires space for sitting and eating at and so a kitchen island or breakfast bar is best suited. Alternatively more storage may be required for small fitted kitchen spaces and to this end a larder cupboard, wall unit or carousel which maximises corner space might enhance the layout. Any kitchen design solution must be functional, but equally important is that it fills the allocated floor and/or wall space neatly and seamlessly to compliment and blend with all other fitted furniture and appliances present. This creates a highly desirable visual aesthetic.

For such reasons the best fitted kitchens are heavily design dependent, relying on an experienced skillset (as well as quality of cabinetry and installation) to unify the design.

Fitted kitchen cabinetry, design and technicality

At LWK Kitchens all of our kitchen cabinets have very small feet; these are hidden from plain sight but crucial for exacting accurate cabinetry alignments. The feet have small screw threads which help set the units level on all 4 room axis, and all the way around the kitchen. We fit each kitchen to a baton along the rear perimeter of the kitchen, ensuring each of the units are screwed to each other, as well as to the baton. This generates a fully secure, stable and level installation of the kitchen furniture. It also enables the furniture to bear the weight of a worksurface, including heavy worktop materials such as stone and granite.

Custom fitted kitchen cabinetry
Custom fitted kitchen cabinetry

As the main storage options for a kitchen, fitted kitchen cupboards and drawers must be able to bear a significant amount of weight to accommodate heavy crockery, pots and pans. The weight-bearing load of any LWK Kitchen pan drawer over 600mm is 70kg. This load is the equivalent of 11 stone, or approximately the weight of the average UK woman! We strongly advise against testing these weights (as pictured) but the load bearing capacity firmly reflects the fitted kitchen cabinetry’s strength and durability.

In effect, all of the forces generated from the use of the kitchen are safely transferred into the floor and wall via the fitted kitchen’s fixtures. With any kitchen of lesser quality there is a risk of damaging the alignment of the units, as well as the units themselves, by overloading or overbearing cupboard shelves and drawers.

Fitted kitchen design ideas and assistance

Whether for a contemporary fitted kitchen or traditional fitted kitchen, a large space or small kitchen space, LWK Kitchens have the experience and know-how to guide you through all stages of the design, planning and installation process. We can help you create your perfect kitchen look, with a well-organised layout and all kitchen components that are just right for you. Of course we also endeavour to effect a smooth and seamless installation of your fitted kitchen, realising the beautiful kitchen look you desired, and ensuring both kitchen appearance and use will endure for many years to come.

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Strong and durable fully fitted kitchens
Strong and durable fully fitted kitchens