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Where space permits, a kitchen island epitomizes a fully luxurious addition to your home. They are great for congregating around with friends and family, and spacious enough to make light work of preparing for, and entertaining guests.

LWK Kitchens are frequently asked to design kitchens with islands and as a result have designed and installed kitchen islands in a wide variety of styles and configurations. LWK Kitchens designers have developed the expertise to advise you on the aesthetics and latest trends, but also on the practicalities of such designs. The information below will help give you some food for thought, but to get the best advice personalised to your specific circumstances it is well worth the trip to one of our beautiful London Showrooms.

Working islands

At an early stage of your kitchen design process think about what you want to do at your kitchen island, particularly if you intend to use it as a fully-functional, working area of your kitchen.
For example, if you plan to cook at the island, then it needs to be practical and safe in terms of proximity to your food preparation areas. Think about how many people might cook at any given time and what sort of foods you like to cook.
You might also want a separate space on the island for dining, or else a safe distance where family members can perch and chat to you whilst you’re cooking.

Two-tone gloss kitchen island
Two-tone gloss kitchen island

Also worth serious deliberation is the extraction from an island; Are you happy with a large overhead stainless steel canopy? Or would you prefer something more subtle such as a flush ceiling mounted extractor, or even an integrated downdraft extractor which makes it disappear altogether!

You should also think about how your extractor will vent to the outside of your home, as this may not be possible. In such cases we can advise on how to use a recirculating extractor, fully compliant with existing building regulations.

Kitchen island ceiling extractor
Kitchen island ceiling extractor

Island Kitchen Seating

Many clients want to be able to sit at, or around their kitchen island. At LWK Kitchens we know how to produce designs that ensure you are happy with both the style and comfort of your island design. For example, a standard kitchen work surface is 90cm- too low to sit at comfortably atop a stool, but too high to sit at on a chair. So be it a 100mm thick worktop, split levels, glass overlays, or increased furniture heights, we will work with you to get the right fit, in both size and style. Whatever your specific need you will find the benefit of our design knowledge invaluable in incorporating the subtleties of these points.

Kitchen island with seating
Kitchen island with seating

Latest design trends for kitchen islands

The design team at LWK Kitchens work closely with the designers at our German manufacturers and other leading industry names to ensure we are at the forefront of the latest design trends. With specific reference to kitchen Islands, we would summarise the latest trends as follows:

Floating island kitchen effect for handleless designs

Floating designs for handleless kitchens

In these designs we continue the handle-less stainless steel channel right around the kitchen island. The worktop is then carefully fitted on top of the units, with the gap created between worktop and units producing a fantastic 'floating' effect.

Waterfall kitchen island effect

Waterfall kitchen islands (or work surface wrapped islands)

We are designing more and more kitchens in this style where the work surface also forms the end panels for the sides of the island. It creates a seamless, flowing look, but there is also much scope for personalising your design with contrasting colour, texture and materials. The waterfall island worktop is also particularly effective when projected to create an overhang for sliding stools underneath.

Flexible modern kitchen island

Island Seating

Long gone are the days of the separate dining room and in its place is a long withstanding trend for multifunctional islands, used not just for cooking but as the main dining space too. Islands are required to be flexible and accommodating, which has led to the rise of moving islands, maximised space for seating, and worksurfaces which increasingly look like dining table such as the beautiful Carrara quartz.

American Walnut waterfall island with seating

Mix and matching of colour and materials

Two tone islands are on the rise and a great way to incorporate dark or bolder colours into your home. Similarly you might uses contrasting materials to distinguish separate areas for separate uses, such as a high gloss white cooking zone, overlaid with a warm wood breakfast bar area for dining. As well as being practical the contrasts bring an added layer of interest to your kitchen’s look.

Kitchen island with wine cooler

Smart technology and Appliances

Smart technology is a must for modern kitchens, essential for both convenience and pleasure. Continuous LED strip lighting to the underside of your island creates a statement, whilst easily operable from your tablet or Iphone. And particularly where islands form the hub of the kitchen, worktop charging stations for phones, tablets and laptops are commonplace, along with integrated speakers. Motion sensitive taps, integrated wine coolers and fast cook induction hobs are also favourites for islands and available from a range of suppliers such as Siemens, Miele, De Dietrich and Neff.

Curved kitchen island design

Curved kitchen islands

Our range of curved gloss units work brilliantly (where space permits) when incorporated into kitchen island designs. If you visit our Canary Wharf Kitchen Showroom you can see this for yourself on display. You will also see how worktop overlays can be used to create stunning compound curve features.