An Island Or Kitchen Peninsula?

The term 'Peninsula' is derived from Latin and essentially means "almost an island.' This translates very literally in terms of kitchen design as a kitchen peninsula appears very similar and has the same effect as an island, except is still fixed to the main body of the kitchen at one end, usually to a wall or run of cabinets. Therefore, just as so aptly defined, it is not quite but 'almost an island.'

If incorporating an island into a small kitchen is proving problematic, then a peninsula might work as a great alternative; they look as good and are just as versatile, yet take up much less floor space than kitchen islands as there is an absence of passageway at the attached end. The additional space provided by a peninsula is typically used either as additional work surface area, or to provide an additional seating area. A peninsula can be fitted with storage solutions or appliances in the exact same way as an island but if to be used as a cooking area, or if there will be more than just one person using it, then remember during planning the layout that unlike an island, there is only one way in or out within this space!