Luxury Kitchens

  • The ultimate in kitchen looks, comfort and usability
  • High quality luxurious products

What is a luxury kitchen?

Luxury kitchens, like any other luxury product are defined as such because they are designed and manufactured with the finest of materials and with acute attention to detail, ensuring the ultimate in style and comfort. A luxury kitchen incorporates all of the elements that excel it far beyond that of a basic functional kitchen. Instead it will meet an individual’s needs through the most efficient and enjoyable means possible, including any details, no matter how small, which will improve the kitchen’s look and usability. This might be floating shelves, internal drawer lights, or wine coolers, all of which are by no means kitchen essentials but contribute to the style, sophistication, ease of use and personal enjoyment of a kitchen.

What does a luxury kitchen mean for you?

By definition ‘Luxury’ refers to ‘a state of great comfort or elegance,’ offering pleasure and fulfilment. Within a luxury kitchen design this equates to a kitchen that is a pleasure to look at, as well as pleasure to partake in the use of. The benefit of an LWK kitchen is that luxury is not an exceptional or occasional pleasure; instead you can enjoy the luxury of one of our beautiful kitchens on an everyday basis. This is particularly well worth remembering when you consider that the kitchen is firmly set as the most frequently used room of any home.

Whilst it was once the case, kitchens are no longer a place just for cooking. In modern times kitchens are so much more than this, and represent a place not just to cook and dine in but to meet, gather and spend time with friends and family. At LWK Kitchens, our belief is that quality time with loved ones should be spent in the most luxurious of surroundings, so why not immerse yourself and your family in the splendour of rich and fine materials? And relish the knowledge that every inch of your luxury kitchen has been expertly engineered for your own efficient, easy and enjoyable use.

Luxury kitchen design ideas

LWK Kitchens specialise in the design and installation of Luxury kitchens. Within our expert kitchen design service we aim to understand our clients and their wishes so we can accommodate every conceivable kitchen need. All of our cabinetry is exacted to an exceptionally high standard, including seamless flush finishes and smooth soft-close doors. In accord, we can recommend the ultimate in luxury colours, styles and accessories to compliment; whether a truly elegant matt glass finish, polished marble worktops, or innovative storage solutions allowing easy access and a clean kitchen appearance. Alternatively you might consider a more bespoke feature within your luxury kitchen design...Perhaps a unique custom-made splashback, stylish sink base, creative lighting concepts, or even a moulded barrel curve worktop that is certain to impress all of your visitors.

Luxury kitchen value

When purchasing a luxury kitchen you want to achieve opulence but also need the assurance that your luxury kitchen will last! Robust kitchen cabinets and high quality finishes are guaranteed to endure far longer and maintain their looks, value and functionality over low-end kitchen brands.

At LWK Kitchens we endeavour to provide quality, luxury kitchen designs that ensure a timeless look as well as for many years to come.