LWK Kitchens Quality Kitchen Benefits:-

  • Beautiful, functional and long lasting kitchens
  • Quality kitchens and appliances are safer
  • Quality kitchens will bring more enjoyment (and fewer problems)
  • Award winning kitchens and quality attributions including Red dot design awards & GS Quality awards
Quality kitchen furniture construction
Quality kitchen furniture construction

The importance of choosing a quality kitchen

When purchasing any new product people want to ensure quality so they know it will look good, work as it is supposed to, and last for many years to come! The same is entirely true of quality kitchens and especially so as the kitchen is the most frequently used room of the house (and often used by multiple people) so it is certainly a room you would want to enjoy! Given its hardworking nature, any compromise on the quality of a new kitchen might mean inconvenience, frustration and also having to replace it far sooner than intended. So that said, ensuring a quality kitchen of supreme design, and engineered from top grade materials is absolutely essential. At LWK Kitchens all of our kitchens are manufactured and finished to an extremely high calibre, for a kitchen that you can continue to enjoy on a daily basis.

How to ensure you are choosing a quality kitchen?

The quality of kitchen products varies greatly between different suppliers but there are a number of considerations you can look for when assessing a kitchen’s standard:-

Quality kitchens: is it rigid or flatpack?

The very first thing to look for is whether a kitchen is a rigid or flatpack kitchen. We fully recommend rigidly manufactured kitchens every time as the quality of materials, construction, finish and delivery is simply incomparable! All of our kitchens are bespoke, rigidly manufactured kitchens which are cut, edged, drilled, glued and constructed by machine (also known as a CAD/CAM system). The major benefit of this is the individual kitchen components are guaranteed an exact fit, look better and last much longer. Machine manufcture also eliminates any likelihood of missing or incorrect parts.

Click here for more information on rigid versus flatpack kitchen furniture)

Quality kitchen construction
Quality kitchen furniture construction

Ensure quality kitchen materials for carcass and doors

If visiting different kitchen companies you should be sure to ask what materials their kitchens are made from. At LWK Kitchens all of our kitchen carcass and doors are manufactured from high quality, peeled conifer wood, which undergoes several processes to create very fine and dried fibres.

These fibres are compressed with ecologically compatible adhesive varnishes, and the end result is a wood composite with a high tensile and flexural strength. This is ideal for use within all of our refined carcass panels, door fronts or surrounding materials. All of our kitchen furniture is GS qualified which means it meets all German and European requirements for safety, load-bearing, material consistency and ease of use. The GS mark also confirms that our furniture, including any new products and processes, are subject to and meet the standard of regular third-party monitoring. For our customers this gives them full and absolute confidence that our furniture is constructed to a safe, reliable, and durable high standard.

Our kitchen brand is also LGA IntercerGmbH certified, confirming that it operates on a process-orientated, quality management system, used in all areas, from product development up to production, fitting and after-sale service.

Machine manufactured quality kitchens
Machine manufactured quality kitchens

Quality of the kitchen finish

All kitchens are subject to various spills, marks, splashes and temperatures so along with the material of the carcass and door, the quality of a kitchen finish must also be extremely high to protect against damage. At LWK Kitchens we have a selection of different kitchen finishes available yet even our lowest grade of finish offers resistance against high temperatures, as well against the ingress of moisture, water and bacteria. This is achieved through a water-resist bonding process based on a physical and chemical adhesive, which forms a protective barrier when it sets. Failure to achieve a high standard within your doors and furniture will leave them prone to damage, often beyond repair. Of course, as well as durability you also want a high quality look for your door, such as the high gloss lacquer kitchen’s impressive lustre and reflective shine. This appearance is the end result of a sophisticated, deep and even lacquering process. We can firmly state that our doors are made of a high grade material and finished to an exceptionally high standard, but finishes vary significantly between manufacturers so establishing the quality of different supplier’s product is absolutely vital.

Quality kitchens and environmental awareness

Environmental considerations are important for all and reflect the ethical values of any company. Our manufacturers are committed to the permanent improvement of environmental performance. We hold a LGA intercert which is an Environmental Management System certificate and our Zentek Recycling qualification confirms we are committed to reducing waste during manufacture process, as well as disposing of it appropriately and according to regulation.

All of the timber used for the manufacture of our furniture is PEFC Certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). This is the world’s largest forest certification organisation, which works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote Sustainable Forest Management. The PEFC offers the widest global supply of FSA certified timber, so we can be certain our choice of timber is produced in accordance with ecological, social and ethical standards.

Quality kitchen finishes
Quality kitchen finishes

Ensure quality of hinges, mechanisms and gas stays

Think about how often a kitchen door or drawer or is opened and closed on a daily basis and throughout its lifespan and you will appreciate the need for high quality kitchen hinges, gas stays and electromechanical opening systems; all must be able to withstand this repeated action whilst maintaining a fluid easy movement. Our kitchen door hinges have an excellent damping effect and long life expectancy, having been machine-tested over 80,000 cycles. They also have full operational reliability within a temperature range from 5 degrees up to 40 degrees. Similarly drawers and shelves must have a high load bearing capacity to support all of your pots, pans, plates etc. Our widest of pan drawers are fully extendable and can hold up to 70kg, whilst our larder units can bear a maximum of 120kg. Even the small metal shelf supports we provide have a high load bearing capacity, as well as a safety pin to ensure they remain in place. The upmost stability of the overall system ensures long life expectancy, even under high demands.

Quality kitchen hinges and hinge mechanisms
Quality kitchen hinges and hinge mechanisms

Check a kitchen’s quality for yourself

As stated the quality of products varies enormously between different suppliers so we recommend a showroom visit so you can see and test goods for yourself, whether filling a drawer with weights, running your fingers over different door finishes, or opening and closing drawers to check the runners, alignment and fluidity of movement.

As a kitchen is such a significant investment it is worth ensuring you achieve quality, even if this means having to spend more. Quality equates to enjoyment so how much you enjoy your new kitchen is entirely dependent on its quality and usability.