Pearl Grey Country Kitchens

Introduced after the success of this colour within some of our other collections, the Pearl Grey traditional kitchen door marks a stunning addition to our painted wood kitchen range.

Traditional kitchens exude a hint of formality, bound within an elegant look. Along with this they also possess an inviting warmth. The chic Pearl Grey kitchen colour maintains this appeal yet also affords a modern twist on the traditional kitchen style. The resulting transitional kitchen look can be further enhanced through a blend of modern elements such as modern appliances, stylish cabinetry handles, or accessories including copper taps and cookware (as pictured). Such features will perfectly complement more traditional kitchen elements including ornate mouldings, cornices and trim.

A further benefit of the Pearl Grey traditional wood kitchen is that whilst very on trend within current design (and sure to make an impact on the home) it is a colour and style that will stand the test of time, lasting for many years to come.

For a detailed and personalised kitchen design showing what the traditional Pearl Grey painted wood kitchen could look like in your home, please contact us.