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High Gloss Acrylic Kitchens

High gloss acrylic pricing

Our German Acrylic Kitchens are manufactured in a range of seven High Gloss acrylic colours; high gloss black, high gloss white, high gloss anthracite, high gloss steel blue, high gloss champagne, high gloss cream and high gloss sepia brown.

All of our high gloss acrylic kitchens are available in the handleless kitchen option but with or without handles, we highly recommend the acrylic kitchen finish for a modern and distinctive style statement within the home.

Please arrange a Showroom visit to see our full range of German kitchens in the acrylic finish.

Our Acrylic doors are made from a resin and this makes it a very easy surface to keep clean, which we would recommend doing with just water and an e-cloth. During manufacture the high gloss doors and units are treated with a hardening agent to make their surface very durable and also scratch resistant. The very high quality of the glossy acrylic door is designed to reflect light in the specular direction, that is, light hits the surface from a single incoming direction and is subsequently reflected back at the exact same angle. This very even manner of light reflection helps eliminate any 'orange peel' appearance, most prevalent in darker colours of some finishes, and instead provides a deep lustre and reflective depth. Furthermore the stylish coloured finish of the acrylic kitchen is rich, even and guaranteed never to fade under sunlight.