Anthracite Acrylic Kitchens

In its original form Anthracite is a type of mineral coal that exudes a naturally deep and reflective lustre. Perfectly named after this is our Anthracite Acrylic door, which beautifully resembles Anthracite in colour as well as through its deeply reflective surface.

Rare in colour but very accommodating, the Anthracite high gloss acrylic door's smoky tone is malleable enough to remain dark and dusky, or else with clever lighting and complimentary kitchen furniture it can assume either a hint of blue-grey or else a teal-grey hue; the finished effect is entirely dependent on the look you that you are wanting to achieve for your high gloss kitchen. The Anthracite grey kitchen tone looks great in combination with the steel-blue high gloss acrylic, as displayed within our Canary Wharf showroom.

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