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  • Champagne acrylic high gloss kitchen

    High Gloss Champagne Acrylic Kitchen

  • Champagne acrylic kitchen wall units

    Champagne acrylic kitchen wall units

Champagne Acrylic Kitchens

A beautiful tone with a subtle shimmer to accentuate its gloss surface, the champagne kitchen is modern and stylish, working well on its own or else has become increasing popular for use in conjunction with contrasting door finishes such as the Walnut or Terra Oak Laminate.

For an ultra -modern and chic effect, the champagne gloss acrylic can be complimented with accents of glass and stainless steel throughout the kitchen including stainless steel recessed channels and appliances; within such a combination the sophisticated luxury kitchen finish most closely resembles the refined and beautifully coloured drink after which it was named.

Champagne acrylic kitchens are available in a handleless option and can be viewed within either of our London Showrooms or within our Recent Installations collection on our website.