Steel Blue Acrylic Kitchens

Our acrylic steel blue door is a well finished and deeply reflective design for producing a very stylish and elegant luxury kitchen. It is suited to a wide range of worktops and floor options and we have installed a number of this type of high gloss kitchen finish as part of a two tone design; for this, it works particularly well with grey tones or when the cool blue steel colour is contrasted against warmer wood tones such as the Grey Acacia. The steel blue acrylic is effective either as a principle kitchen colour, or else as a secondary accent; for example, if space allows you might consider an acrylic steel blue kitchen island set against a run of Anthracite laminate, and complete with a Compac Dark Grey worktop.

The Steel Blue acrylic gloss door is available in the handleless option for a sleek and streamlined kitchen, and this variation can be viewed within both of our showroom displays. We also have some fabulous photographs of previous customer installations if you are looking for a little inspiration.

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