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  • Black gloss kitchen in glass finish with Taupe matt glass

    High Gloss Black Glass Kitchen

  • Black gloss glass kitchen furniture

    Black gloss glass kitchen furniture

  • High gloss black kitchen finish

    High gloss black kitchen finish

  • Black high gloss glass kitchen

    Black high gloss glass kitchen

Black Gloss Glass Kitchens

One of the most compelling style statements you can introduce to your home is the highly desirable and ultra-sleek Black Glass Kitchen furniture. On sight its popularity is immediately understandable, given it so eloquently epitomises all that is modern, clean and elegant.

The Black Glass doors are manufactured from toughened glass, ensuring their surface is both scratch resistant and highly reflective. The finish is similar to that of a mirror, reflecting almost all of the light directed at its smooth and flat surface, and in doing so creating clearly reflected images within the glass. Because of this highly reflective surface, the glass kitchen style works brilliantly in collaboration with carefully sited lighting effects designed to hit the glass and emphasise its rich finish and beautiful shine. For a black glass kitchen we would recommend light colour flooring but this aside it works well in combination with white tones, woods or when accentuated with splashes of bold colour. Wall and base units are ideal for housing kitchen appliances and the handleless option is perfect for creating sleek, clean lines.

Black glass doors as well as other Black Kitchen finishes including acrylic, lacquer and foil are available to view in both of our showrooms so please make a visit in person to observe the true beauty of such a luxury kitchen design.