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Brilliant White Gloss Glass Kitchens

The Brilliant White glass kitchen is, as its name aptly suggests, a Brilliant White kitchen colour tone. This door is in fact the whitest and brightest of all our gloss kitchen finishes. The white tone is fresh and clean, an appreciable quality further emphasised by the smooth and highly reflective gloss glass surface finish. Not as warm in tone as the White gloss glass kitchen, the Brilliant White glass kitchen’s purity gives it a very contemporary kitchen look, ideal for a spacious minimalist kitchen setting, yet just as luxurious within a smaller kitchen space. At the same time the shiny gloss finish beautifully reflects light, further enhancing the chic appearance but also preventing the brilliant white glass from appearing in any way harsh or stark. Whether handled or handleless, on its own or in combination with woods, greys, and/or stainless steel accents, the Brilliant White glass is an impressive kitchen finish, effortlessly projecting stylish refinement.