Lava Grey Gloss Glass Kitchens

The beauty of the Lava Grey glass kitchen lies within its appreciable mid-grey colour tone. This is wonderfully accentuated through the alluring and chic gloss glass kitchen finish. Whilst it can be said with certainty that both doors are equally stunning, the lava grey gloss glass kitchen exudes a moderately darker and stronger colour tone than the silver grey glass finish and is without the metallic element. The result of this is a denser look for this kitchen door than the silver-grey, whilst its depth of colour ensures a beautifully deep and reflective gloss glass surface shine. The popularity of grey kitchen tones, and particularly within light to mid grey kitchen tones, ensures the new Lava Grey kitchen colour is sure to be successful. One of the other characteristics that guarantees its popularity is its proclivity for a union with other kitchen colours and finishes. You might enhance a white matt tone with touches of this striking finish, along with accents of stainless steel and glass for a truly refined look. Alternatively you might effect a slightly bolder kitchen look by balancing the gloss Lava Grey glass finish with a matt Wine Red kitchen tone. Another option is a cheery and uplifting shade of yellow such as the Golden Yellow matt lacquer door. Please contact us for further detail and ideas for the Lava Grey gloss glass kitchen and how you can make this exquisite kitchen tone work in the best possible way for you and your home.