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  • High gloss glass silver grey metallic kitchen

    High gloss glass silver grey metallic kitchen

Silver Grey Metallic Glass Kitchens

The most exclusive of all our collections, the design glass is extremely eye-catching, and continues to be so within our new metallic kitchen options. The Silver grey metallic glass kitchen is a new addition to the glass kitchen range, and one of our finest and most luxurious kitchen doors. As with our other glass finishes, this door undergoes a manufacture process that ensures it is suitable for a residential kitchen, and which also produces its smooth and highly reflective surface, similar to that of a mirror. But the metallic kitchen door differs as in addition to this first-class engineering, the new silver grey glass kitchen finish includes ground aluminium particles, and it is these that create the metallic effect and lustrous sparkle.

Whilst grey is an extremely popular kitchen colour in its own right it is this silver metallic shimmer, in combination with the smooth and polished glass surface that brings a definitive elegance. The silver grey metallic door is well placed for a bright, airy and contemporary kitchen setting. But it can work wonderfully in smaller kitchen spaces too, where its high gloss glass surface will reflect light to accentuate the feeling of space. This door will also work in conjunction with either light or dark tones; Light tones tend to produce a more delicate, fresh and airy look, whereas combining this door with dark colours effects a more masculine, weighty presence. Either way the resulting look is entirely stunning.

For more information on either the Silver Grey Metallic glass kitchen door or its Gold/Bronze metallic counterpart please don’t hesitate to contact us.