White Gloss Glass Kitchens

The luxury kitchen finish in white gloss glass is fresh, modern and ever-increasing in popularity. White glass kitchens exude a warmer tone than the Brilliant White Gloss Glass and with the latter as the only exception the white glass doors reflect more light from their lustrous surface than any other finish. What’s more, the polished gleam of the white glass doors can be beautifully accentuated through conjunction with natural and/or artificial lighting. The white glass kitchen has a versatile quality allowing for the introduction of tailored options, ideal for accommodating individual preferences. For a warm and inviting feel you might combine the white design glass with beige and brown tones, or create a stylish, cool and minimalistic quality with grey, stainless steel, and glass. A vibrant and very contemporary statement can be produced by combining the White glass furniture together with a bold coloured splashback; eye-catching colour and stylish elegance in successful unison. Please browse our Recent Installations page for previous examples of our White High Gloss Glass Kitchens or feel free to contact us for other exciting and inspirational ideas.