Basalt Grey Gloss Lacquer Laminate Kitchens

The warm Basalt grey gloss lacquer laminate kitchen door is grey/brown in colour, and the perfect solution for anyone looking for a darker neutral for their home. In the gloss kitchen option, the Basalt grey portrays itself beautifully, with the gloss finish highlighting its rich depth of colour. The Basalt Grey finish also exudes a hint of masculinity; this can be enhanced by combining with rough textures such as stone or wood, or alternatively you can soften this door’s look through blends with other neutrals such as Cream, Taupe or Cashmere. How you want to incorporate it depends on the look and feel you would like to achieve, but versatile and warm, there are many possibilities for this beautiful neutral. Need ideas for a Basalt Grey kitchen? Get in touch and one of our expert designers will contact you to help.