Basalt Grey Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

Basalt is a volcanic rock which is typically grey to black in colour but with the potential to rust during bad weather it can take on a warmer, lighter tone; exactly like this is the elegant but understated Basalt Grey Lacquer Kitchen. Rivalling beige and brown colours as a popular kitchen colour choice, we have seen an ever increasing demand for grey kitchens over recent times and the versatility of the Basalt Grey Lacquer is perfect as the tone seems to lie somewhere between the two; grey in colour, but entirely dependent on the look and mood you are hoping to achieve it can be integrated with other kitchen furniture combinations, décor and lighting, for an earthier russet tone. This gloss grey lacquer finish is available in a Curved Kitchen option and/or combines beautifully with white or cream for a subtle but sophisticated two-tone effect. Alternatively, Basalt grey lacquer kitchen furniture contrasts nicely with light or dark coloured woods as the textured grain adds a new dynamic to the room, whilst still proving very elegant and rich in quality. For a bolder effect you could introduce a splash of vivid red, generating an exciting and punchy modern kitchen; there are numerous options available for the Basalt gloss grey lacquer kitchen which ensures we can find the right one to suit you and your individual style.