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Carbon Metallic Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

Metallic finishes are extremely popular within kitchen design, bringing an instant touch of luxury. This is certainly the case and highly apparent within the Carbon gloss lacquer metallic kitchen finish. The Carbon gloss lacquer kitchen exudes an appealing dusky grey kitchen tone, all the more admirable for its elegant metallic surface shimmer. Even with a shimmering surface, this finish is in essence both broody and masculine. This quality can be emphasised in combination with rich, deep tones such as a wine red matt satin lacquer finish, or else a richly textured wood. Alternatively the Carbon metallic gloss lacquer kitchen door can appear softer and lighter when combined with paler colours. Cream, white or pale blue tones give a fresh look, and are also effective in highlighting the glossy metallic surface. Whatever look you intend for the Carbon metallic gloss lacquer kitchen within your home, we can certainly work with you to help you achieve it.