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High Gloss Lacquer Metallic Cubanite

Our metallic kitchen range is evolving to offer fresh colours and finishes, including the eye-catching, and elegant new Cubanite gloss lacquer kitchen door. The repeated spray lacquering of a gloss lacquer kitchen finish ensures an even gloss surface, and impressive depth of colour; In the case of the Cubanite metallic gloss lacquer, this is an exquisite rich and warm golden tone. The beauty of this door is further emphasised by the inherent metallic surface shimmer. This is especially apparent in a well-lit kitchen space where the metallic quality will shimmer and shine as it catches the light.

You might choose the Cubanite gloss lacquer kitchen door on its own, or else combine it with other finishes. It is an ideal complement for wood tones in a similar colour such as the Champagne Oak wood veneer. Alternatively you might combine it with a contrasting finish such as the dark Terra Oak real wood kitchen door.

Whatever your thoughts for the Cubanite gloss lacquer kitchen door, we can assist in making it work; It is a beautiful door, and sure to make a welcome addition for any home.