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Lava Grey Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

The new lava grey gloss lacquer kitchen colour represents a highly elegant mid-grey kitchen tone, translating to a resolutely stylish kitchen design. The lava grey kitchen colour has been introduced across our ranges in response to the continued and widespread popularity of grey kitchen designs…And it certainly makes a beautiful addition to our gloss lacquer kitchen collection!

Whilst grey kitchen colour tones vary significantly in appearance, the desirable lava grey gloss lacquer kitchen door occupies a balanced intermediary position between dark and light grey tones. In combination with its stunning gloss reflective surface, the result is a sleek and sophisticated overall kitchen look.

The lava grey colour is also extremely versatile. So should you choose to blend the lava grey gloss lacquer door with light tones, dark tones, neutral tones or even a vivid injection of colour, such finish combinations can certainly work!

For more information or assistance in planning your lava grey gloss lacquer kitchen please don’t hesitate to contact us.