Pearl Grey Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

Paler in colour than the Lava Grey kitchen finish, the Pearl Grey gloss lacquer kitchen is equally stunning! With its deeply reflective gloss grey surface, this luxurious door transcends to a kitchen look that is both stylish and highly sophisticated. Grey tones such as the Pearl grey kitchen door are extremely popular within modern kitchen design, successfully incorporated either as a single kitchen colour choice, or else in combination with other colours, textures and finishes. The Pearl Grey gloss kitchen door is an excellent choice in this regard as it can be successfully paired with a wide range of other colours and finishes, whether light, dark, gloss, smooth or textured. The neutral quality of this grey kitchen tone also ensures its longevity and that Pearl Grey kitchens will not date with the passing of time.

Our Pearl Grey gloss kitchen door is also available in our extremely popular laser kitchen finish. This means whilst it undergoes a spray lacquer process similar to other gloss lacquer doors, the door’s lacquered front is fused on all sides using a revolutionary laser technique. This laser fusion creates a watertight and temperature resistant surface. Aside from a near seamless finish, this effects a stunning, high quality kitchen look.

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