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  • Polar white gloss lacquer kitchen island

    Gloss Lacquer Polar White Kitchen

  • Polar white high gloss lacquer kitchen

    Polar white high gloss lacquer kitchen

Polar White Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

This brilliant white gloss lacquer is ideal for a pure, elegant and clean finish that is simultaneously practical and easy to maintain. The stark white gloss lacquer door exudes a very crisp, gleaming white tone that works brilliantly within large open plan kitchens, and for the additional touch of class that a kitchen island or breakfast bar brings (should space permit). Alternatively the Polar white lacquered finish is effective within a small kitchen design, where natural and/or artificial lighting can reflect off the bright gloss white lacquer finish for a stunning result, as well as giving the impression of a larger kitchen space.

You may opt for kitchen units, worktops and other fixtures within a matching white tone to develop a clean and minimalist feel, and for this the handleless style is particularly effective in maintaining such a quality. Alternatively you could contrast the polar white gloss lacquer kitchen with greys, blacks or else a dark wood arrangement for a stylish and captivating effect.