White Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

A softer tone than the Polar white gloss lacquer produces a less stark finish for the high gloss white lacquer kitchen and its neutrality makes it incredibly versatile, with endless possibilities for what can be achieved within this luxurious style. Sole and consistent use of the white gloss lacquer throughout a kitchen means there is nothing to detract attention from the deep white lacquer’s glossy shine, but conversely it accentuates it; This is particularly so in the handleless style which works brilliantly for a streamlined, polished and uncluttered appearance. An alternative to uniform white and an increasingly popular trend is to combine different materials; a wood tone such as the Terra Oak wood veneer introduces texture and a striking contrast to the white lacquer door finish whilst still perfectly in keeping with the elegant style. Alternatively you could frame the white lacquer furniture in a wood such as the Silver Oak, or for a more vibrant statement contrast the gloss lacquer kitchen with bold fittings including a bright coloured worktop or splashback. As stated the white lacquer finish is perfect in combination with any other colour, texture or fitting, and moreover works well within any size or style of kitchen layout, be it Open Plan, L shaped, Galley or Island. Please contact us for further information on the white high gloss lacquered kitchen and we can tailor a design that is perfect for you and your individual needs.