Ocean Blue Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

Like the sun reflecting off the surface of the sea, the Ocean Blue metallic gloss lacquer kitchen finish emits a soft sparkling shimmer. It is ideal for creating a warm and inviting setting for your home, complete with a hint of delicate opulence. Blue is a very calming colour for a kitchen, and particularly so within this light and refreshing tone. The even gloss lacquer surface finish is the result of the door’s refined manufacture process where it is repeatedly spray lacquered to produce the satiable depth of colour and highly reflective quality. The appealing metallic lustre further enhances the look, catching the light beautifully for a softly glistening finish. The Ocean Blue metallic kitchen door is charming by itself or can create stunning two-tone kitchen designs. Combining this door with a white gloss lacquer kitchen finish will create a bright and fresh kitchen look. Conversely, a blend of darker tones including moody greys and black accents can bring a more masculine edge, and even a touch of drama! For more information on the Ocean Blue metallic gloss lacquer door, or any other of our metallic kitchen finishes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.