Wine Red Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

The dark tone of the Wine Red high gloss lacquer kitchen offers a deep reflection for a beautiful finish, ideal for a striking impact within the home. The richness of the Wine Red lacquer door ensures it demands attention so this tone is best for larger spaces, or else works well for statement pieces such as a bank of tall units, an island or selection of curved units. If it is the sole colour choice for a kitchen then the Wine Red furniture works well against a neutral light décor such as white flooring and worktops that won’t darken the room. For a two tone effect, glass, stainless steel or light grey tones make great additions for a Wine Red kitchen; the red gloss lacquer contrasts nicely with the textured surface of the Salento Beige Grey, or it can even be framed in a light or dark grey tone for a distinct colour contrast and dramatic effect. Please contact us for more information on our Wine Red lacquered kitchens or for advice and ideas on how to make this style work for you.