White Gloss Laminate Kitchens

Available to view in both of our London showrooms is the white high gloss laminate kitchen door. This finish is ideal for any room size or layout, and particularly for a small kitchen design where the glossy white tone will reflect light back across the room and make the space feel larger. The white gloss laminate kitchen is practical, durable and forms a classic style that works well on its own or else is ideal for pleasing contrasts in conjunction with other tones and finishes.

Within many of the white foil kitchens we have installed, the stylish white gloss laminate has been nicely adorned with a vibrant and bold coloured splashback, successfully injecting some vitality and joie de vivre! Whether a splashback in turquoise, yellow, red, green, mirror, glass, copper or else any other preference of tone and material, we can complete your kitchen design according to the style choice that you both want and deserve.

Options for the gloss laminate white kitchen include a finish that has all sides laminate with softly rounded edges, all sides laminate but with square edges, or a laminate finish with glass effect edges; the finish you decide upon is entirely dependent on individual preference.

Please contact us for more information on our German kitchens in the white gloss laminate finish or to find out about White Kitchens we have available in other finishes.

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