Wine Red Gloss Laminate Kitchens

Durable, strong and with a finish to match, the rich colour of the wine red laminate kitchen door makes a stylish addition for any luxury kitchen and will never lose its glossy and reflective look.

The sumptuous dark red kitchen tone with its clean and glossy finish makes the wine red foil perfect for the modern trend of combining varying colours, textures and materials, as it blends or contrasts so well in conjunction with others. For example the wine red gloss kitchen door can be nicely contrasted with the textured and rich tones of the grey acacia solid wood, or the salento grey beige; the latter beautifully compliments the red gloss laminate kitchen and its shimmering finish introduces a new element of attraction to the design.

Alternatively, the wine red laminate furniture is perfect for the trend of framing glossy fronts; in this style it never fails to look elegant, particularly in combination with stainless steel and glass, or for a softer look, why not choose softly rounded door edges.

Please contact us for more information on how you can make the wine red gloss laminate kitchen work for you and your home, or to find out about other high gloss kitchens within our German kitchen range.

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