Lava Grey Matt Glass Kitchens

The matt glass Lava Grey kitchen finish transcends to a sophisticated yet solid kitchen look. Grey kitchen tones are highly appreciable and currently very on trend within kitchen design. Aside from a stunning, elegant look they are largely popular because they represent a neutral colour tone with a calming presence, so ideal for a kitchen environment! Further to this, grey kitchen tones also lend themselves well for combining with other tones and textures. As a prime example of this the mid-grey tone of the Lava Grey matt glass kitchen door works beautifully with other kitchen finishes. This might be a subtle blend of the Lava Grey with a gloss White lacquer finish, or textured wood veneer such as the Smoked Oak. Alternatively the Lava Grey matt glass kitchen finish is perfect for anchoring more dramatic colours such as a Wine Red matt lacquer or Aquamarine lacquer laminate kitchen door. In such combinations the neutral grey tone balances the stronger colour to prevent it overpowering the space. To find out more about the new matt glass Lava Grey kitchen door, as well as other grey tones within our collections please don’t hesitate to contact us.