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Sepia Brown Matt Glass

The retro style of the Sepia Brown Matt Glass kitchen exudes a colour and feel that is reminiscent of popular home décor during the 1970’s, and although it is one of the more challenging colours to incorporate, through careful design this brown matt kitchen finish can produce a fabulous and very distinctive effect. The Sepia Brown matt glass works best in conjunction with gloss kitchen styles such as the acrylic or gloss lacquer finishes, and alongside neutral tones such as whites, creams or even a light grey gloss lacquer. Alternatively the sepia brown matt glass appears highly sophisticated when framed within a light gloss wood veneer, introducing a soft contrast between the two different shades and textures of brown for a stylish and inviting feel. Please contact us for more information on our Sepia Brown matt glass kitchen or for information on any other kitchens within our expansive German Kitchen range.