Wine Red Matt Glass Kitchens

The matt glass Wine Red kitchen exudes a desirable intensity as the result of the matt surface’s rich depth of colour tone. This accentuates a solidity for this kitchen, reflected in its full-bodied appearance. The Wine Red door’s impressive colour ensures it will make a striking impact on the home, so is ideal for creating a statement kitchen look! Alternatively if you prefer a two tone kitchen effect then dark textured woods such as the Terra Oak or Silver Oak kitchen veneer make a beautiful compliment for the wine red matt glass kitchen door. Within dynamic colour pairings such as these the darker finish will anchor and balance the bolder red colour tone. Combining the Wine Red matt glass kitchen with greys or blacks can also introduce a masculine, broody overtone for the kitchen. Otherwise, a blend with a paler door colour such as the light grey matt lacquer or pearl grey gloss finish will create an equally balanced, yet softer and lighter look for this kitchen. For more information on the matt glass Wine Red kitchen door as well as other new doors within our range please don’t hesitate to contact us.