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Matt Lacquer Light Grey Kitchens

The end result of the repeated spray lacquering of the light grey matt lacquer kitchen door is a very beautifully finished soft tone, which is ideal for a stylish yet understated kitchen. As it is so neutral the light grey matt lacquer works well as the primary colour choice for a kitchen, or else is suited for accent pieces in combination with other colours and textures.

For a soft setting the light grey matt lacquer can be blended with other light and neutral tones such as whites, or light wood finishes; this works especially well in a gloss finish emphasised with lighting accents to reflect off the shiny surfaces. A soft ambience can also be generated through the option of the light grey matt lacquer finish with softly rounded edges, or the rolling elegant arcs of the curved kitchen style which bring warmth to the delicate grey tone.

For a more contemporary twist the handleless option introduces a fresh dynamic for the light grey matt lacquer kitchen, and can be combined with accents of black, white, glass, stainless steel or even splashes of a bold red to continue and embellish the luxurious effect.

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