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Pearl Grey Matt Lacquer Kitchens

(Also known as Pearl Grey Laser Kitchens)

New for 2015, LWK Kitchens are delighted to introduce our Pearl grey matt lacquer kitchen finish. Refined yet understated, this door will make a welcome and fitting addition to any modern kitchen setting.

Manufactured using our revolutionary new laser technology, the Pearl Grey kitchen door’s lacquered front is laser-fused and sealed on all sides of the door. This creates a water-tight and temperature resistant bond, with an almost seamless join. Aside from the smooth and high quality surface that this laser system creates, the key to this door’s finish is its dense, even colour tone. This transcends to a solid yet elegant kitchen appearance.

Grey is an excellent colour choice for a kitchen because of its neutral character. Depending on your preferred look this allows the Pearl Grey to successfully stand alone, or else create a balanced harmony with another neutral colour tone. Alternatively the Pearl grey laser kitchen finish can take a firm back seat to stronger kitchen colours, representing the perfect accent whilst allowing them to stand out.

Our laser kitchen finishes are also available in White, Polar white, Cream, Cashmere and Basalt Grey.