Matt Lacquer Ruby Red Kitchens

The rich and bold tone of the ruby red matt lacquer kitchen door makes a striking impression upon any modern kitchen. Vibrant and energetic, it needs careful planning to successfully incorporate as a primary colour choice that won’t overwhelm a design, but alternatively the ruby red matt lacquer works brilliantly in collaboration with other styles and finishes, or in itself as an accent colour adding punch to a separate colour scheme.

The red matt lacquer kitchen units are well-suited for open plan designs, and for creating eye-catching features such as a stylish kitchen island or bold bank of wall units. The ruby red matt lacquer kitchen door is also impressive in combination with white gloss kitchen tones, a light grey gloss lacquer, or for a softer effect cream coloured finishes work well too. Stainless steel and glass effects are very complimentary when combined with this style, or for a more dramatic effect why not introduce flashes of black for a striking and attention-grabbing contemporary design.

The ruby red lacquer kitchen is also available as a structured lacquer, an option with vertical join feature, or else is beautiful within the curved kitchen style allowing full appreciation of the deep red tone that has been so meticulously produced from the repeated spray lacquer process.

Please contact us for more information and advice on how the ruby red matt lacquer kitchen can work for you and your home.

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