Lava Grey matt laminate kitchens

The Lava Grey matt kitchen door marks a beautiful addition to our collection of laminate finishes. In colour, the lava grey matt kitchen door exudes a flat, mid-grey tone. This translates to a kitchen with a solid and dependable look and presence, perfect for any modern kitchen setting. In addition, the grey colour tone’s neutral and stable qualities effect an air of calm, also ideal for a kitchen environment! If not the sole colour choice for a kitchen then the Lava grey laminate kitchen door can realise an excellent backdrop for other colours and accessories, whether bold and eye-catching, or neutral and understated.

All of our laminate kitchen doors are manufactured and finished to an extremely high standard. Apart from suitability for purpose this ensures a high quality look, and this is clearly evident within this matt grey kitchen finish.

For more information on the Lava Grey matt laminate kitchen finish please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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