Matt Laminate Stainless Steel Kitchens

An appearance more usually associated with an industrial kitchen, so to transfer this ‘look’ successfully into the residential home may seem a challenge, yet the stainless steel colour laminate finish achieves this with a sophisticated ease. The look and quality of the stainless steel laminate kitchen door is perfect for a sharp, slick and ultra-contemporary kitchen design, and which is also highly durable and resistant to fingerprint marks. Like a satin lacquer finish the stainless steel kitchen reflects light so produces an increased feeling of light and space but without creating reflection. This modern stylish design works well on its own, particularly against a white décor and with the obvious choice of stainless steel appliances but it can also be combined with other finishes such as a walnut or light acacia wood. Alternatively, a high gloss white finish with glass accents works to accentuate the kitchen’s cool, high end feel. Kitchen islands and feature pieces work well within the matt laminate stainless steel, or it can be enlivened with splashes of red, be it a red door finish, or else a bold red splashback.

Whatever your preference for the matt laminate stainless steel kitchen the end result is guaranteed to make a big impact that is both striking and ultra-stylish!

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