Orient Red Matt Laminate Kitchens

A medium-dark red tone that translates to an impressive kitchen design, the Orient Red matt laminate kitchen is guaranteed to make a big impact on your home! More suited to large open spaces, where the colour will not overwhelm, otherwise the Orient Red is ideal for accent pieces such a feature units or a kitchen island. The Orient Red matt laminate kitchen units work wonderfully in combination with gloss finishes, and our preference for this colour is to combine with White tones or a Light Grey lacquer, along with hints of stainless steel and glass. Breaking up banks of the bold red kitchen colour with open shelving is effective, as is introducing a selection of glass fronts within the midst of a run of units. The Orient Red matt laminate kitchen also benefits from a lightly textured surface which gives it increased durability and resistance to scratches, making for a long-lasting as well as chic and appealing finish.