Basalt Grey Matt Satin Lacquer Kitchens

The earthy brown tone of the Basalt Grey satin lacquer units transcends to an elegant kitchen finish with a warm and enticing feel. The velvety smooth surface has a deep and attractive tone which is also very workable, meaning it can be nicely combined with other finishes for a beautiful result. For example, the satin lacquer Basalt Grey door is effortlessly stylish set against a white décor with white flooring and stainless steel accents, or else works in perfect harmony with a gloss kitchen finish, the Cashmere satin lacquer, or in combination with wood tones. Rich and sophisticated, the satin lacquer basalt grey kitchen is highly desirable in appearance but also reliable and fully functional, making it a sound kitchen choice for the modern home and lifestyle. Please contact us for more detail on the Basalt Grey satin lacquer kitchen or any other finish within our extensive German kitchen range.