Black Matt Satin Lacquer Kitchens

For a striking, clean and contemporary kitchen look consider the new matt satin lacquer Black kitchen finish! For a colour this dark to work within such a smooth flat exterior requires an entirely flawless surface finish. Otherwise, any imperfection (no matter how slight) would be noticeable. But our technology for all satin lacquer door colours is such that the finish is ultra-smooth, even, flawless and scratch resistant. This ensures they maintain their flawless finish throughout everyday use and activity. It also means that the black satin lacquer kitchen’s dark tone accentuates the true beauty and high quality of this finish. And unlike black matt kitchens in other finish materials, the satin lacquer matt door reflects some of the light that hits its surface. Whilst the door maintains its impressive black colour tone, this effect simultaneously creates a lighter feel for the kitchen cabinetry, transpiring to a stunning and highly sophisticated kitchen look. As it is such a dark tone, the Black satin lacquer kitchen is not one to go unnoticed! But we advise careful introduction to ensure its success. It is well-defined on its own but in which case should be balanced with light flooring, worktops and décor. Alternatively the Black matt satin lacquer kitchen is equally suave in combination with other door colours. A black and white décor is always a classic look, and can include touches of stainless steel and glass for modern elegance and panache. Light grey or pale blue gloss colours will soften the black hue, whilst hints of red can introduce a more daring, punchy look! Combined with other matt doors, gloss finishes or textured woods, the Black satin lacquer kitchen door has a unique but highly desirable appearance, certain to make a big impression on the home!