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  • Lava Grey satin lacquer handleless kitchen

    Lava Grey satin lacquer kitchen

  • Lava Grey satin lacquer kitchen

    Lava Grey satin lacquer kitchen

Matt Satin Lacquer Lava Grey Kitchens

Grey kitchens in a matt finish are highly desirable for their elegant look, durable finish and versatile nature. As such, for 2015 we are introducing the striking new Lava grey kitchen tone into our satin lacquer kitchen range. Differing from the flat matt kitchen door which absorbs light as it hits it surface, the satin lacquer finish has a discreet light reflective quality. The effect of this is to accentuate the new lava grey satin lacquer’s deep mid-grey colour tone. This produces a rich, sophisticated and visually appreciable finish. The neutral, balanced colour also brings an inviting warmth. It is the combination of these factors which make the matt satin lacquer lava grey kitchen a well-suited, and very welcome addition for any home.

Whilst beautiful on its own, one of the inherent characteristics of a grey colour tone which make it so popular is that by nature it won’t draw attention to itself. This means that most grey kitchen tones will work really well with other colours and textures. And this is certainly true of the lava grey satin lacquer kitchen! This tone is ideal for anchoring bolder kitchen colours such as a vibrant red or teal. The lava grey satin lacquer doors will balance the bolder colour, allowing it to stand out but without overpowering a space. Conversely the lava grey satin lacquer kitchen tone will create an idyllic harmony with pale colours such as white or cream. It also blends beautifully with textured finishes, including a diverse range of modern woods and the new stone veneer kitchen doors.

For further information on the lava grey satin lacquer kitchen, or any other finishes within our collections, please contact us.