Matt Satin Lacquer Midnight Blue Kitchens

The midnight blue satin lacquer kitchen was introduced in 2014, as a result of the increasing popularity of blue kitchen tones. The repeated spray lacquer process ensures this door tone is rich and even in colour, making a bold but very beautiful statement for the home.

With blue associated as a calm, relaxing and inspiring colour it is an excellent colour choice for a kitchen. And this natural calm is squarely matched by the soft feel of the door’s surface finish.

The midnight blue satin lacquer kitchen is available in a number of styles including curves, handleless, a framed door look, as well as in a selection of living room furniture. This latter option makes it ideal for an open plan space if you wish to continue the look of your kitchen furniture from one room into the next. The midnight blue satin lacquer kitchen also lends itself well to a two-tone kitchen arrangement, and is particularly stylish in combination with white kitchen tones.

For more information on the midnight blue satin lacquer kitchen, or any other finishes within our collections please contact us.

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