Polar White Matt Satin Lacquer Kitchens

The end result of the repeated spray lacquering of the Polar White satin lacquer kitchen door produces a beautiful matt finish which is soft and velvety to the touch yet sharp, crisp and bright in appearance. The Polar White satin lacquer door is particularly effective in the handleless or curved option for a minimalist, sleek and contemporary feel; if this is your desired look then you might also combine it with glass and stainless steel accents to enhance the impression. The nature of the satin lacquer finish means it reflects light without producing reflection, a sophisticated effect that acts to emphasise the bright clean tone but in the absence of a gloss shine. It works beautifully by itself but the Polar White satin lacquer units can also be successfully combined with gloss tones or a matt door for a stunning finish; alternatively its versatile nature lends itself well for blending with wood tones, creating a much softer effect. Whichever your preference and no matter your room size, shape or kitchen layout, the Polar White matt satin lacquer makes for a beautiful kitchen design of the upmost elegance and sophistication.