White Matt Satin Lacquer

A highly sophisticated kitchen choice, the White satin lacquer kitchen has the same rich depth of colour as the matt lacquer white kitchen but a smoother silkier surface offering subtle light reflection. This door shares the same qualities of the matt lacquer finish in that it is highly versatile and works for all kitchen spaces and layouts, as well as in combination with most other textures and finishes; however, if you are undecided upon whether a gloss or ultra matt option is right for you then the satin lacquer kitchen may offer the perfect solution. This door is particularly well suited to small kitchen designs, as the White matt satin lacquer surface will reflect light to make a space feel larger but unlike the gloss door it does this without creating any reflection, so the matt effect is still apparent. Ideal for small spaces but equally the matt satin White lacquer door works just as well for larger rooms to create sophisticated and stylish modern kitchen designs. Please feel free to visit one of our two London showrooms to compare and appreciate the differences between the White matt lacquer laminate and White satin lacquer kitchen doors.