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Teal Matt Satin Lacquer Kitchens

After it was Dulux’s colour of 2014 Teal began to emerge in all aspects of home and lifestyle; from fashion, art and wedding décor, to home furnishings…including our striking Teal satin lacquer kitchen door.   The colour Teal has an innate sophistication. And like the blue green waters of a Caribbean sea it is both mesmerising and majestic in equal measure. Within the satin lacquer kitchen the Teal colour tone is beautifully enhanced through this finish’s delicate light reflection. As light hits the surface, it doesn’t produce a visible reflection but creates a highlight, perfect for showing up both the beauty of the door’s colour, as well as the quality of the finish. Whilst the Teal satin lacquer kitchen is bold and energising it can require careful introduction to prevent it overpowering a space. One way of achieving this is to combine the Teal door with neutral colours such as greys or whites. These will balance the Teal tone without draining the colour. Instead you can achieve an appreciable and sophisticated harmony of colours.