Signature Range

Our signature range of kitchens is our flagship range of kitchens. Designed from the outset to cater for the most discerning clients at the top of the kitchen market, the signature range represents an entirely new concept in kitchen design. Developed by some of the worlds' foremost kitchen designers and produced using the very latest in production technology and techniques, the kitchen furniture is designed in a number of "blocks" of units. This means that rather than being segmented in to several single units, the blocks provide complete, continuous cross sections of kitchen furniture, or even entire kitchens.

There are over 30 blocks to select from, available in a range of colours and materials. As a result of the kitchens being designed into blocks, we have been able to install stunning, curved edges to the ends of each block on both the lower and upper sections, and shroud these curved edges in stainless steel. The results are stunning, ultra modern designer kitchens. First revealed to the world at the 2010 Euro Cucina show in Milan, to universal acclaim from world renowned interior designers and architects, LWK Kitchens was one of the first to have these unique kitchens on display in our London showrooms and they are available for clients to purchase anywhere in the UK.