Natural Tessina Ceramic Kitchens

The Natural Tessina kitchen door exudes an amalgamation of delicate light colour inflections.  These replicate the colours and patterns that would naturally form within clay soil. Yet the Natural Tessina kitchen’s overall colour tone is not far removed from a white kitchen finish. This makes it an interesting alternative should you want something similar in tone, but with more depth and texture than a flat white kitchen door.

Alternatively you might create a sophisticated blend of different textures through combining the Natural Tessina with other finishes. Whilst pale in colour, the Natural Tessina kitchen has a modern rustic undertone with a natural warmth, and this can be emphasised when combined with a wood finish such as the Light Wild Oak real wood kitchen door. Darker finishes such as the Lava Grey gloss lacquer, in conjunction with stainless steel and/or glass accents will also compliment, but create a bolder look for this already distinct and impressive ceramic kitchen door!

Please Contact us should you want any further information on the Natural Tessina kitchen finish, or else any other door within our collections.

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